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Lavish Salon Keratin Treatment For Women in Karachi

Women with wavy and frizzy hair could have tried Keratin Treatment For Women in Karachi all the treatments and products available in the market, in order to straighten their unruly hair. The market is filled with a wide range of products, all of which claim to totally solve your styling problems. However, none of them really live up to their hype until keratin hair treatment comes along.

keratin treatment is one of the excellent methods to straighten hair and improve the condition of dry and damaged locks. This hair straightening formula uses keratin, a fibrous scleroprotein found in the outer layer of the skin and in horny tissues like hair and nails. Immediately infuses moisture into your dry, damaged or frizzy hair. The keratin-rich solution is applied directly to the hair and allowed to sit long enough to restore any previous damage and reduce the risk of future damage. Keratin treatment shampoo and conditioner are then used to prolong the effectiveness of this treatment.

In stark contrast to other straightening options, hair keratin treatment does not use any harmful chemicals to change the shape and texture of hair that can damage your mane. It is an all-natural treatment that actually enhances the condition of the hair, leaving it soft, smooth and as healthy as ever.

The procedure is relatively simple. To begin with, the hair is washed and then the hair keratin solution is applied directly to the hair. As soon as the solution is applied, the hair is dried with a hair dryer. The last step is to use a unique hot iron that is incredibly hot to stick the solution. Once this procedure is finished, you can not rinse or wet the hair with water for up to 3 days and you should avoid tying your hair or using a ponytail, as they can cause dents in the final result. After the first 3 days of treatment, it is allowed to rinse the hair with a keratin treatment shampoo that does not contain sulfate and sodium.

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