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Is TOTO a premium brand?

Today, the company still maintains its roots in Japan with a focus on customer service and quality. But the company also wants to be known as a forward-thinking company, and the first step in doing so was to expand its manufacturing operations outside of Japan.

In the early 2000s, the company set up a facility in China where it manufactured its products. The Chinese manufacturing facility was not just for the production of TOTO toilets; it also produced other products such as faucets, bathtubs and accessories. In fact, the facility was so successful that it was expanded in 2004.

It wasn’t long before TOTO began looking for other locations to open more manufacturing facilities. In 2005, TOTO expanded its operations to the Philippines. This allowed the 먹튀신고 company to produce and distribute its products in Southeast Asia, where the company saw a large number of potential customers.

TOTO was looking for new manufacturing facilities in North America, too. In 2006, the company opened a facility in the US state of Wisconsin. It wasn’t long before the company expanded to Texas, where it opened another manufacturing facility.

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