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professional men saloon service in karachi

The new metrosexual male phenomenon has taken Men Saloon Service in Karachi over all spheres of our existence. With men increasingly lending themselves to household chores, it is almost believed that they should not be left behind in taking care of themselves. The increase in the number of spa men is clear proof of this. And while more and more men are swearing by their personal spa experience, this is just the tip of the iceberg. While men make up a whopping 35% of the spa industry’s customers, this figure is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. This shows not only that men have come to buy the concept of healing through therapy, but that they would rather spend time at a spa than play a round of golf.

That said, it remains true that men typically hate mush. Sensing this, desperate to welcome men into its female-dominated bastion, the spa industry began to project the spa experience as a necessity rather than a luxury, calling massage a therapy rather than a mere indulgence, and with success. . Today, the industry is reaping more than just the benefits of the seeds sown, witnessing a growing number of men flocking to spas to get a taste of life.

Men’s Spas – a paradigm shift from the women’s version
Men’s spas are no longer mushy places with an abundance of pink flowers. These spas are tailored for men’s needs, from specialty robes for men to longer tables spacious enough for the average man to be treated. They offer unscented products to appeal to their customers. For tough guys, the spas offer sports massages, sports buff manicures, yoga, and the like.

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