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lavish hairdresser service in karachi – near me

Is your ambition to work for yourself? If so, lavish hairdresser service in karachi is an avenue that you should definitely investigate. It’s one of the few industries that isn’t dominated by massive corporations, which means competing is relatively simple, start-up costs are relatively low, and while it can take a long time to build a customer base, most men are deeply loyal. . to your hairdresser.

In fact, women’s hair is where the money is, and most men’s barbers rely on simple styles, low prices, and fast turnover. Women’s hairdressing is more complex, time-consuming, luxurious and expensive: this author can afford several months’ worth of haircuts for what his wife pays for a single session!

Hairdressing is also unusual in that, unlike most professions, it appeals to both women and men alike, despite the jokes that male hairdressers must make, gossip outrageously, and call themselves “Neo.” How do you get into that? Formal training is absolutely essential as few women will consider letting someone near her hair with a pair of scissors unless they have some evidence that she knows what she is doing.

Some salons will hire unqualified hairdressers and train them on the job, sometimes during the day at college. This has to be the best way to train, simultaneously providing qualification, experience and income. Unsurprisingly, the competition when such positions are offered is invariably fierce. Most hairdressers study full time at university. After obtaining the basic NVQ qualifications, specialization is possible; for example, in theatrical or Afro-Caribbean hairdressing.

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