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Lavish Hair Protein Salon Service in Karachi

If your childhood was anything like mine, you may remember learning that there is a natural enhancer for almost any part of the body. For example, do you want stronger teeth? Drink more milk! Do you want a better view? Eat carrots! Tired of a skinny figure? Eat spinach! Now that I’m older, I’ve discovered that it’s not that simple. And it’s a shame.

If you can relate to my disappointment, you can certainly relate to my appreciation in knowing that, maybe with some things, it’s that simple. It seems so obvious that many people overlook the idea, but hair can be strengthened with natural compounds. For those of us who aren’t too comfortable with over-processed, chemical-based treatments, it’s great news to learn that hair can be enhanced and revitalized through the use of protein.

Contrary to the common theme from our childhood, that eating this will improve that, protein is applied to hair through special treatments. In fact, if you try to eat a protein treat, the only thing that can improve is the amount of your hospital bill. There are several options for a protein treatment: do-it-yourself, professional salon treatments, expensive, cheap, and anywhere in between. A web search for ‘protein hair treatment’ returns purchase results from a few dollars to almost thirty dollars. The best quality treatment can be offered at a professional salon for around three hundred dollars. While it may seem like a no-brainer to opt to buy the treatment and do it at home, keep in mind that DIY methods require frequent reapplication (several times a week is the norm for store-bought methods). While it is much more expensive to have a professional do the work, it will be a higher quality result and can last up to three months.

Protein treatments help hair in several ways. Physically strengthens each of the hairs with which it comes into contact, reduces frizz and enhances shine. All of these effects combine for not only healthier hair, but also more attractive tresses overall, no matter how you style it. Let’s see how treatment can do all this.

Keratin is a protein found naturally in hair. It strengthens the cortex, the main axis that forms the structure of a hair, and gives the hair a resistance to fraying and breaking. In many cases, the reason that fancy shampoo you bought for twelve bucks may lessen the severity of split ends, but to your chagrin, it doesn’t prevent them from coming back later. This is because that fancy shampoo doesn’t contain enough strengthening keratin. Once a split end has been removed, there should be enough keratin in the hair to withstand daily wear and tear from styling, washing, and fluctuating humidity and temperature.

Regardless of which method you choose, a home or salon product, a protein treatment is a solution packed with keratin. As the solution is applied to the hair, the keratin molecules penetrate the hair and strengthen the center of the hair. To maximize the protein treatment, heat is applied, which enhances the keratin solution and helps it penetrate deeper into the hair. In addition to improving the interior of your hair, keratin covers the entire outer surface of the hair, like a protective layer. This outer coating also adds strength and is responsible for the silky smooth and shiny appearance that a protein treatment can give you.

A note for those who choose to visit a Hair Protein Salon Service in Karachi salon for a protein treatment: common salon parlance for this procedure is a Brazilian Keratin treatment. Again, regardless of whether you opt for the more economical method of personal application or the more forgiving procedure of salon treatment, protein treatment produces results that enhance the strength and beauty of your hair.

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