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Lavish Facial Massage Salon Service in Karachi

There are many people, especially young men and women, who think that facial massage is not for them. However, that face staring back at you, first thing in the morning, may be trying to tell you that you’re wrong. The pale, puffy face that greets you is the process of sleeping when the body slows down during the night. While you sleep, your heart rate slows down, which means the flow of blood around your body also slows down. Circulation is responsible for bringing oxygenated blood to your face and, using the lymph nodes, it drains toxins. There are other factors that can slow circulation, shallow breathing, lack of exercise, poor diet, smoking and other pollutants.

By doing facial exercises, you are stimulating blood flow to your skin, bringing in oxygenated blood to give your skin a healthy glow, while at the same time flushing out harmful toxins.

To understand what happens as we age, we need to understand the structure of the skin. It is made up of three layers, the epidermis at the top, the dermis, and the hypodermis, and its main functions, apart from maintaining all the blood and organs, are protection against infection by microorganisms and injuries, regulation of body temperature, and The best, receiving sensations. The epidermis is our protector, its only other function is to allow water to evaporate. The cells are constantly renewed as the old ones fall off. The dermis is the really active part, it contains collagen, elastin, capillaries (small blood vessels), nerve endings and the upper part of the sweat and sebaceous glands. This layer secretes, circulates, feels, and helps regulate body temperature. The final layer is made up of fatty tissue where the bases of the hair follicles, sweat and sebaceous glands live. The water content is also quite high in this layer. Although the structure is the same throughout the body, it has variations depending on the location and its function there. Think of the soles of your feet, devoid of hair or sweat glands and much thicker. The face has a number of important functions; it monitors temperature and atmospheric conditions, is connected to many different muscles for nonverbal communication, and is quite sensitive to touch for pleasure.

As skin ages, it is affected in many different ways. First, at the cellular level, life is shortened, from about 100 days as a child to just 48 days as an adult. The different layers begin to change and the elastin in the dermis gradually disappears, breaking down the collagen and flattening the skin. Slowly, the hypodermis loses much of its water content and fat tissue shrinks. This gives a lack of tone and elasticity to the skin. The action of the facial muscles begins to wrinkle the skin, how we smile, frown, frown and all our other facial expressions that we use every day will create the facial map. Besides smoking. diet, stress, pollution and sunbathing will contribute to the aging process.

The body’s reaction to squeezing and pressing is to blush, which means blood flows to the area. When this happens, it starts to bring in more oxygenated blood, which is really beneficial for the skin. This, in a more gentle way, is what happens when you give yourself a facial massage. The act of massaging will promote blood flow with the added benefit of stimulating the lymphatic system to drain out toxins, leading to healthier looking skin.

Although massaging your face will have some effect, Facial Massage Salon Service in Karachi if you do it too vigorously it will be detrimental, a more systematic approach will give your skin a real boost. We’ve all heard of acupuncture, the traditional Eastern medical practice of inserting needles to restore health. Well, a facial massage that incorporates these points will give a real boost to the effects on your skin. It is called an Acupoint facial massage and you just need to gently rub these points to get the desired effect. These points are connected to the body’s meridians where energy or Qi flows. The massage will stimulate these points and, in addition to improving blood flow, it will also unblock and stimulate Qi.

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